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Youth Core Transformation & Balance

Do you worry about the future of our youth? You should!  The future lies upon the shoulders of our youth. It is important to give them a solid foundation on which they will grow – mentally and physically.

Our youth are faced with a barrage of information each day from social media and their digital world. They struggle to process and discern which information is helpful and true vs the information that may cause harm.  In a world where advice and recommendations come unsubstantiated at a click of a button, it is vital that our young people have the capacity to filter their choices and make good decisions.

The teenage years are a time of hormone development, growth, and confusion.  As a result, many youths may deal with poor self-esteem which can lead to eating disorders, social and emotional anxiety issues, substance abuse, and poor academic performance.  In addition, previously strong, trusted relationships are often challenged during this time making youths particularly vulnerable to acting out.

Why focus on Youth Core Transformation?

Holistic Core Wellness is focused on helping young people cope with the pressures shaping their world and learning how to best take advantage of all the positive opportunities and outcomes that await them. By giving young people guidance and practical tools now they can utilize to positively navigate their turbulent waters they can transform themselves to become young adults with strong character, improve their lives, and have a beneficial influence on their peers.

They will not only explore the important issues facing the youth today but also learn how to cope with them in a productive way. The programs are designed in such a way that they include serious topics governing the youth environment including bullying, creating a positive self-image, developing a strong personal character, and building an awareness of self-accountability.

We can help you!

The Youth Core Transformation Program by Holistic Core Wellness is designed to help adolescents aged 13-18 years old to overcome behavioral and emotional problems. The programs focus on the holistic development of adolescents and empower them through a variety of activities that help them grow in their intellect, self-awareness, and interpersonal skills, weight loss, health & fitness, stress management, and more

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By participating in these programs, your child will be better equipped to grow into a productive adult. Don’t wait any longer! Get started on your journey to youth core transformation!


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