Stress Management

Are you overwhelmed with overthinking every detail, driving yourself into anxiety and worry, and unable to enjoy the present moment? Do you tend to bottle up your feelings and then end up losing your patience? Do you close yourself up and choose to deal with heavy things on your own, not wanting to burden others with your struggles?
 You are not alone and we are here to help.
At Holistic Core Wellness, we approach emotional health with particular importance because we know that it is the gateway to our overall health. Emotions provide key information that helps us navigate life. But when they become compromised from daily stress and overwhelm or are swept under the rug, they begin to manifest outward in unwanted ways. Compromised emotions can show up as relationship issues or physical illnesses.
Unbalanced emotional life also leads to sadness, hopelessness, frustration, anger, and social withdrawal. It leads us to lose interest in activities we once enjoyed, influences unwanted changes in diet and sleep patterns, steals our energy and focus, creates difficulty in performing important tasks, and so on.

We can help you!

We offer a comprehensive approach to stress management to help you sort out your inner dialogue, to navigate & regulate your emotional life.

We will equip you with effective tools and techniques and work together on setting daily habits that will create lasting results in your areas of concern.

Most importantly, you’ll begin to experience a sense of relief and peace that you long for.

Choose the package below that suits your unique needs


  • Prevent overwhelm and burnout by tuning into the cues of your mind & body.
  • Develop on-the-spot emotional self-regulation and bring about harmony and balance into your relationship with self and others.
  • Increase your inner resilience to daily stress and improve your clarity and focus.


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