Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching

Holistic Core Wellness is a health and wellness brand offering health coaching, wellness products, and creating awareness on healthy empowerment.

Health Coaching combines psychological and behavioral changes through one-on-one sessions that help in the overall development of an individual’s wellbeing.

We work within the scope of health coaching where we do not diagnose, treat, design diet plans, interpret medical reports or prescribe medications. Rather we help you embark on a journey of self-discovery, where we support and hold you accountable. Design your life success program with recommendations and help you achieve your goals.

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Health Coaches: Who are they and what to expect from them?

 Health coaches guide you throughout the process of setting goals by seeing at what stage of change you are right now and what actions you are ready to take in the future – but that’s not all.

Health coaches are your personal health gurus, cheerleaders, partners, mentors, and guides. They walk you through the lifestyle change process to improve your inner and physical health. Coaches provide health education, but this is not their sole responsibility. They are rather experts in behavioral and lifestyle improvement.

Are you thinking of working with a health coach? Good to know!

 Health coaches take a holistic approach to make important lifestyle changes to improve physical and emotional health. Coaching is a process that lasts through multiple sessions and requires commitment and open communication between the parties. It is a long way to know what to expect from your health coach to ensure that you have a successful experience.

Their services are available through specific wellness programs keeping in mind multiple factors. If you have a chronic health problem such as diabetes, your doctor may recommend health coaching but not for any complex disease such as kidney failure. Similarly, you can hire a health coach to achieve your health goals, such as staying healthy, crowd outing sugar, alcohol, junk food, or for your career or spiritual advice.

A common misunderstanding of coaching is that a coach teaches you what to do and gives you a specific plan. It is completely wrong! Health coaching is not an alternative to doctor appointments. This process of healing is absolutely interpersonal. Health coaches don’t recommend controversial supplements or high doses in their subscriptions, they do not advise vigorous exercise without consulting the physician, and they don’t work with minors to promote conflict with friends and family or give any career advice.

Health coaches maintain a structured but flexible format. We at Holistic Core Wellness, make the sessions interesting for the clients and the way of dealing also differs as per the situation of the clients. Whether the session is face-to-face or telephonic, health coaches set the agenda for each appointment to respect each other’s time constraints. In general, the first order in a business is to follow up from the last appointment to see where clients have worked and identify areas where they can continue to improve. Then discuss where the client wants to go next.

Your health coach will always ask the right question. Let’s take an example, “When HCW coaches talk about different problems like weight loss, core healing, personal care – they also talk about all the lifestyle factors that can impact the behavioral changes”. The coach will help you discover obstacles that you may not have noticed. Your coach will help you identify the steps to overcome these obstacles, the moment you identify them.

The advantage of health coaches is that someone is there to help you in it and according to the research, it works also. Health coaches help in identifying strengths that can be used in making small changes that create big differences. They assess your potential based on your unique circumstances and abilities.

  • If you feel that something you’ve done doesn’t work, your health coach can help.
  • If you are overwhelmed, you feel like you don’t have enough time, demotivated, then give it a shot.

Coaches at Holistic Core Wellness can help you overcome your barriers

 The setting, implementing, and achieving health goals may seem to be difficult. But HCW health coaches and mentors can help you overcome your barriers. Shifting to a healthier and balanced lifestyle can make everything so simple for you. With energy, trust, and motivation, you can do more and be there for yourself and with others to live life to the fullest.


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