We gain weight by consuming more energy than we burn, and consuming fewer calories could help. However, other factors play a role, such as genetic factors, metabolism, hormones, the food you eat, body type, and lifestyle.

Obesity is an epidemic. 2.8 million people die due to complications related to excess weight. Our soils are depleted and not the same as before. The food that we consume is full of chemicals, artificial colors, and preservatives. It affects not only our health but also affects our minds. Health risks of excess weight include a high risk of diabetes, stroke, and certain types of cancer.

Why is losing weight important? 

People face various health issues that begin from gaining weight , low self-esteem, low confidence, do not have the stamina to work, struggle with day-to-day activities, get tired quickly, sleep apnea, or type 2 diabetes. Women face infertility issues and PCOS.

A diet is bio-individual, and the same diet may not work for everyone. To achieve your best health and reach your goals, its important to have a support system. To embark on a disciplined life and work on the root cause.

At Holistic Core Wellness you will have guidance and support to begin your weight loss journey. With patience and practice you will reach your ideal healthy weight. Not only this , but you will have bonuses too.

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