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Corporate Wellness Program:

Corporate Wellness Programs are initiatives implemented by companies to improve the overall wellness of their employees. Employees are the company’s main assets, and their well-being means a lot. Corporates have now started experiencing low self-esteem, limited physical activity, and poor mental state; all work and no play will directly affect their performance and have a negative impact.

Wellness Programs aim to promote healthy habits and lifestyles, reduce health-related costs, and increase employee productivity, performance and job satisfaction. Our programs are increasingly popular as companies recognise the benefits of having a healthy and engaged workforce. A successful corporate wellness program can lead to high levels of productivity, improved performance, reduced absenteeism, improved morale and job satisfaction, and a more positive work environment. This also leads to healthy family time and a peaceful home environment.

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Mental Wellness

When you work with us:

Our experts understand the needs of the corporate and design a personalized program that leads to:

  1. Improved employee health promotes healthy lifestyles, which can improve employees’ overall health and well-being. This can result in reduced healthcare costs, decreased absenteeism, and increased productivity.

  2. Increased Employee Engagement makes employees feel supported in their health and well-being; they are more likely to be engaged and committed to their work.

  3. Reduced Health Care Costs by promoting healthy behaviours and corporate wellness programs can help reduce chronic health conditions’ incidence.

  4. Improved Employee Morale can help create a positive and supportive work environment, improving employee morale and reducing stress levels. According to the research of the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, 56% of employees’ work is affected in the company because of stress.

  5. Increased Retention: Employees who feel valued and supported by their employers are more likely to stay with the company for longer. This can be an important factor in retaining top talent.

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Our Goals

Overall, Holistic Core Wellness’s corporate wellness programs can positively impact the health and well-being of employees and the company culture. The personalized approach helps us better understand our client’s unique needs and goals. Besides that, this approach allows us to build stronger relationships and foster a sense of trust and mutual respect with our clients. A valuable investment in the health and well-being of employees is crucial at a time where many things remain afloat. We want to help your employees feel connected with your company and be fully equipped to achieve your company’s desired business goals.